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Japan loves “New-vintage”

Japan loves “New-vintage”

50’s vintage outfits and rock’n roll music are probably timeless men’s icons.


Vintage clothes are such a huge market in Japan, which is the reason many companies try making a new cloth in an image of vintage clothes called “New-vintage”. Those type of clothes are mostly really expensive because it needs time to research or hard to get materials and hard to find a craft man who can have such techniques. This rarely value have been keeping Japanese men’s heart really tight and let them pay more than $1K for just one cloth.


Wedding is mostly for bride/bridesmaids and it is truth that a less spotlight for groom/groomsmen’s clothes. But I think there are many men who want to have their own style in their special day as well.


Bigisland, Hawaii is the best spot to wear such clothes in your vintage-theme wedding.

There are a few locations/facilities where Paniolo[1] cowboys used to live or use, in the island – Puakea Ranch[2] , our partner, is one of the venue which provide bride/groom to have their special day at their beautiful site. They still have descendant of Paniolo, Kawamoto family’s house.


It is such a nice idea to have a wedding surrounding by vintage taste facilities and beautiful locations with your 50s outfits.


Aloha shirt is one idea as it is a formal cloth in Hawaii.

There are many patterns for Aloha shirt so you can choose whatever you like. Japanese Aloha shirt maker SUN SURF[3] will probably be your top options if you think vintage Aloha shirt for your wedding. Sun Surf is reproducing vintage aloha shirts which was produced in 1930-50s era, the golden age of aloha shirts.


Bow tie and suspenders, tropical patterned tie will also be nice to have in vintage-theme wedding.


I believe New-vintage style will fit in weddings on the bigisland.


[1] The Paniolo by National Park Service

[2] Puakea Ranch

[3] SUN SURF by Toyo enterprise

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